The Food Security & Basic Needs Taskforce is the steering committee which oversees campus efforts to reduce food and housing insecurity among UCSB students and increase access to basic needs more broadly.  In this capacity, the taskforce works to increase communication and collaboration between campus departments and divisions, services, student organizations, and off-campus partners in addressing basic needs.  This taskforce is an advisory body to the Chancellor and the Office of Budget and Planning on issues of basic needs and rapid rehousing.  Areas of advice include future visioning and prioritization on basic needs, identifying emerging needs as they arise, best practices in addressing basic needs, opportunities to expand key programs such as CalFresh, and stakeholder consultation.  The task force provides oversight for the state basic needs and rapid rehousing funds allocated to UCSB.  This group is also responsible for tracking metrics on the success of food security and basic needs efforts and providing reports as needed to the legislature.


The Food Security Taskforce

Rebecca Segundo
Basic Needs and Rapid Rehousing Manager


  • Ambar Campos, Budget Analyst, Office of Budget & Planning
  • Aydee Plascencia, Department Business Specialist, CalFresh and General Relief/ICT Coordinator, Santa Barbara County Department of Social Services
  • Bridge McWaid, Doctorial Student, Department of History, Graduate
  • Caroline Shephard, Graduate Student
  • Kathy Baylis, Professor, Department of Geography
  • Daniel Chavez, Food Bank Coordinator, Associated Students Food Bank
  • Diane Fujino, Professor, Asian American Studies; Director, the Center for Black Studies Research
  • Danielle Sinclair, Dietician, Purchasing and Systems Manager, Residential Dining Services
  • Diana Magana, Doctoral Student, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, Graduate Student
  • Jessica Castillo-Tapia, Rapid Rehousing Pilot Program Coordinator
  • Mike Miller, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services; Chair of the Food Security Taskforce and Basic Needs Taskforce
  • Margaret Klawunn, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
  • Michael McGrogan, Budget Director, Office of Budget and Planning
  • Saúl Quiroz, Director of the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Sharleen O'Brien, Director Health and Wellness


  • Katie Maynard, Acting Director, Campus Sustainability
  • Rebecca Segundo, Basic Needs and Rapid Rehousing Manager, Enrollment Services