Below are published reports regarding basic needs from the academic sphere. Get more information about our work in response to relevant findings and the practices of other higher education institutions as well.

Basic Needs Annual Report

To The Regents of the University of California January 2023

 2023 Annual Report

The Costs of College Attendance

Examining Variation and Consistency in Institutional Living Cost Allowances

This journal looks at unaccounted living costs that may arise while attending university and the effects of the role of the estimated cost of attendance in perception of financial costs of college.

The Costs of College Attendance Journal

Supporting Community College Completion With a Culture of Caring

A Case Study of Amarillo College

A small Texan community undergoes revitalization efforts emphasizing education as a key component of future economic growth. 

Amarillo Case Study

Wisconsin Hope Lab

 Still Hungry and Homeless in College 2018

This is the largest national survey assessing the basic needs security of university students

Hope Lab's 3rd Annual Report

Global Food Initiative

Food and Housing Security at the University of California 2017

This report looks at the surveys conducted to understand the depth of student food insecurity and homelessness.

UC GFI Report

UCSB Undergraduate Student Food Security Data (Dec 2017)

USCB Graduate Student Food Security Data (Dec 2017)

Food Security Taskforce Implementation Plan 2017-2018

This is the report submitted to UCOP on the UCSB Food Security Taskforce's implementation plan for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Implementation Plan

Food Access and Security Basic Needs End-of-year Report for UUCSB's Food Security Taskforce 2016-2017

UCSB submitted this report to the Food Access and Security Basic Needs (FAS BN) group to reflect the collective food security activities that took place at UCSB during 2016-2017. 

End of Year Report

Healthy Campus Network Implementation Plan and Draft Goals 2017-2018

Implementation Plan (August 2017)
Summary of Draft Goals (August 2017)

Student Food Access and Security Study

As part of the UC Global Food Initiative, President Napolitano funded a study of food security at all ten University of California campuses. This was the largest food security survey done of any one higher education system. This study found that 42% of students who took the survey were food insecure. This survey helped demonstrate the need to address food insecurity among UC students.

Report on study results

Swipe Out Hunger Guide

Two innovative programs led by students at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) and the University of California of Los Angeles (UCLA) enable students to help alleviate hunger on their campus through meal sharing. This best practice guide is a partnership of the UC GFI subcommittee on Swipes for Meals and Swipe Out Hunger, formerly known as Swipes for the Homeless. 

Information on Swipe Out Hunger Program

Facilitating Small Growers’ Ability to Do Business With UC

This report drafted by the Small Growers Subcommittee of the UC Global Food Initiative highlights best practices from UC Santa Barbara and UC Merced dining services in purchasing sustainable, local produce from small growers.

Toolkit on Facilitating Small Growers' Ability to do Business with UC

5 Practical Guides for College Students

These Guides Examine California’s Three Public Higher Education Institutions to Highlight Existing Resources and Methods to Support Homeless and Low-income Students. These Five Guides Are Targeted to Homeless and Foster Youth Liaisons and Other Higher Education Professionals Who Work Directly With These Students.

For More Information, View and Visit:
 Five Guides  California Homeless Youth Project