Check out a list of original and creative recipes created by the amazing Food, Nutrition, and Basic Skills team!

Not only will you be able to brush up on your cooking skills by creating dishes that are going to impress your family and friends, you'll even be saving money in the process.

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Recipes for UCSB Students

Here are a list of our favorite recipes written for (and by!) UCSB students. They are quick to cook, nutritious, and inexpensive. 

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CalFresh eatFresh Recipes

Looking to cook a healthy yet budget-friendly meal? Check out the tasty recipes provided by CalFresh!

eatFresh Recipes

UCSB Feed Your Future Cookbook

There are plenty of quick and easy no-cook and low-cook recipes using basic pantry staples found at your local Basic Needs Resources on campus and in Isla Vista. Feed your future with the cookbook created by Health & Wellness!

To Feed Your Future

If you're interested in learning more about the research and purpose behind the cookbook, check out the paper written by Tait Salzman!

To the Cookbook Academic Paper

Food Substitutions - Baking Edition

Need alternative ingredients for your baking recipe? Look no further!

For baking substitutions