Calfresh - CalFresh is a federally funded nutritional assistance program that provides eligible participants with up to $291 each month to spend on groceries. 

Groceries and Food Pantries - Finding groceries that are affordable and easily accessible can be hard to do when you're on a college budget. Visit the food pantries on and off campus that best fits your needs and schedule!

Prepared Meals - Utilize any of the several places within the local community that offer free meals to students. 

Cooking & Nutrition -  Learn the basics about food preparation, nutrition, grocery shopping, and budgeting to start your journey to a healthy and balanced diet.

Gardening - Growing your own food can be done at any scale, from a windowsill of kitchen herbs to a backyard vegetable plot, start your own garden today!



Rapid Rehousing - Learn about the on and off campus Rapid Rehousing Programs that connect students experiencing housing insecurity to housing resources.

Affordable Housing - The UCSB Community Housing Office and the County of Santa Barbara provide various housing support resources that are also available to UCSB students!

Mediation Resources - Whether you live on or off campus, there are mediation services available to UCSB students to resolve housing issues fairly, safely, and economically.



Emergency Financial Assistance - Emergency resources are available ranging from grants you do not have to repay to short-term loans

Financial Wellness Module - These modules provide UCSB students with information and tools to help them with their financial habits, financial planning, and more!

Community Financial Fund - CFF provides quarterly financial literacy workshops to UCSB students. Students can learn about student loans, credit, and all concepts related to money!

Work-Study Program - Work-study is a form of financial aid that can be used in a form of a paycheck if yo have a job on campus, learn more here about the program.

Office of Financial Aid - The UCSB Office of Financial Aid provides students with the financial resources and services to assist UCSB students achieve their educational goals.



Mind & Body Health Resources - Student wellbeing is integral to academic success, student development, and life satisfaction. Learn more about medical health, mental health, equity & inclusion, safety and more!

Alcohol & Drug Programs - UCSB Student Health Alcohol & Drug Program offer counseling, education, prevention, recovery and support in person and via telehealth.

Cultural Resources - There are many cultural programs that facilitate interaction and collaboration between students of all cultural/ethnic backgrounds, allowing them to gain an understanding of and appreciation for similarities and differences in each other and themselves.

LQBTQIA+ Resources - Learn about the LGBTQIA+ spaces on campus where students can receive supportive resources to foster resilience and foster interdependence within and beyond academia.

First Generation Support Programs - UCSB has programs that provide first-generation students with academic support, mentoring, and a sense of belonging to support their academic success.



Basic Needs Technology Support Program - The UCSB Basic Needs Technology Support Program strives to support students with their access to technology to support their academic success through short-term loaner devices, gift chromebook devices and internet support.

Library Technology Resources - UCSB Library has over 175 public computers located throughout UCSB Library and the Music Library. They also offer a laptop checkout service, wireless coverage in all public areas, and many other technologies.

Technology Repair Services - The UCSB Campus Store Computer Department  are an authorized service provider that ensures that your devices are being repaired and serviced by our trained professionals who use genuine parts and follow manufacturer guidelines.

Internet Resources - Learn about the Affordable Connectivity Program that helps ensure that households can afford the broadband they need for work, school, healthcare and more.



Library Resources - The UCSB Library offers course material, articles & databases, research guides, and more to assist students with their academic and research needs.

Textbook Resources - Learn about the various books banks, textbook rentals, and lending library on campus.

Academic Support - DSP and CLAS assist students with academic accommodations, tutoring, workshops both online and in-person.

Academic Advising - Many sources of academic advising are available to students at UCSB. Each college provides advice to its students on matters such as major selection, program planning, academic difficulties, degree requirements, and petitions for exceptions to requirements.