With a goal to create a more food secure community, we encourage you to engage with the vibrant and inclusive food culture found in the Santa Barbara community. We believe that food should be easy to find, affordable, and nutritious to reflect the diverse agricultural landscape of California, from the incredible selection of fresh produce from local farms present in farmers markets to the farming communities in the outskirts of town that boast an impressive array of a wide variety of items delivered to our town's eateries. 

This easily downloadable and printable food resource map focuses on the UCSB campus resources, partners and programs with a short statement on what they offer. Additionally, take a look at this interactive food resource map below for additional food (mainly grocery stores).

Isla Vista Grocery Stores

Isla Vista has the IV Food COOP, IV Market, and 7/11.


UCSB works closely with and provides financial support to the Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) to ensure our students, staff, and faculty have access to a robust bus system. Through this collaboration, the routes and hours of buses servicing UCSB and Isla Vista have been expanded. UCSB also provides funding to MTD to allow students, staff, and faculty with unlimited rides on a new bus line 28, which connects campus to local farmers markets, and grocery stores all within 2 miles of Isla Vista., such as Albertsons, Smart and Final, and Indochina Market. UCSB has made a commitment to fund line 28 for 10 years.


Blue:        Accepts CalFresh/EBT
Yellow:     Food Carts
Purple:     Dining Commons
Orange:   Accepts Gaucho Bucks and Dining Dollars